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WELCOME to an official SimCity 4 fansite!

SimCity 4 is still hot off the burners and it's goin' fast. Get one now or you might miss your chance until the stores restock. I got mine the first day it came out (though I am a Maxis gaming enthusiast).

Take a look at some snapshots to see if you might want to purchase this highly-graphic, strategically challenging, and highly-reactive to your actions PC CD-ROM game.

Visit the OFFICIAL SIMCITY 4 WEBSITE by clicking the link on the left navigation frame. This site has it all; patches, tips, tricks, wallpapers for your desktop! If you'd like you can even play SimCity Classic over the internet!

Click HERE to tell us whether you would:
a)Drag a friend to the store to buy it because it's so good
b)Tell people it's good and recommend it
c)Keep it for yourself and not talk about it too much
d)Throw it in the trash (don't even think about it man)

The Meat of the Site
-with those petty introductory comments out of the way lets crack open the book-

Ok now... time to roll up the sleeves. *Sighs* Now that you're here I bet you expect something useful out of this site. Right now we are waiting for "Tips and Tricks" submission from others and we have a few up right now. YOU guys control this site basically. This means YOU submit tips and tricks, YOU submit new links, YOU tell me how you want this done. Send an e-mail to and give us some ideas and help! Because if YOU don't send stuff, YOU dont get use out of us!